Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Working together

This afternoon I set Y6 a challenge, they had to build the tallest structure using 5 pieces of A4 paper, elastic bands and tape. Working in groups they had to problem solve, co-operate, be respectful, considerate and work together.

Working as a team isn't always easy. Can you give reasons why?

Here they are in action.

Here are some questions;
  • Was your team effective?
  • Did you all play an active role?
  • Did anyone act as leader?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • What did you learn from this activity?

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Let me know what you find out and if it is a true reflection of your personality.

Mrs Warner aka a seahorse


  1. i think are team was effective and i did play an active role and i didnt play as a leader

    year 6 luke

  2. Hi Mrs Warner i think we all worked toether, i did the job what i was told to do, also i didn't play as the leader.And if i had to improve our tower it would be to make it tall but make sure that if we added a extra tube then it would probally fall over .
    From Niamh year6

  3. Our team was very effective and i played the active role of a leader! Well, ours won but the only thing would be to make it more straight! I learnt that teamwork is really important if u need to make something big in a limited space of time! from becky year 6