Monday, 11 July 2011

What a Fantastic Time Year 6 had on Residential!!!

Residential was brilliant this year 
The kids will tell you all about it!!!!

 Table Tennis fun in the games room

Jonni runs for her life!!!

But gets caught up in middle!!!! 

Looking happy and can't wait for the ride.....

Yep definately looking forward to it!!

or NOT!!! 

Look out girls we'll show you how it's done

Yep that was Ace!

Heeeeey look at me!!!

 Oh my goodness Dylan didn't even flinch and I'm sat here with this fake grin on my face

 Yeh I loved it!!! (I think....)


Honestly what is all the fuss lets go for it!!

When your this high there is a fuss to be made

Look mum I went up and came down in one piece! Now get me off!!!

The children really listened carefully before each activity

Then up the ropes they went

 The team work began in Team Challenge

Everyone work together and had great fun!!

We all had a great time see the kids comments next!!

I thought that residential was brilliant, I had a fantastic time the one of the best activities was Team Challenge however we ended up absolutely filthy. I really enjoyed the disco on the last night, we had chocolate cake for Mya's birthday, delicious!!!!

By Holly Singleton-Mosey

I thought that the residential was absolutely fantastic, I had a BRILLIANT TIME the best activity I think was the giant swing, zip wire and abseiling.

by Alex Barrow

I loved residential it was amazing.I had a great weekend with all my friends.The thing that scared me the most was the giant swing but it was an amazing experience, i wish we could do it all again !!

by Ellie-bree Ayton

I loved residential I had a great time I wish we could go again it was so much fun! My favourite activitys were abseiling, giant swing, zip wire and team challange. Thank you for a brilliant weekend!!

By Ellise Ferguson

PGL was amazing! Doing all the activities was scary but it was all worth it in the end. The dinners were 5 star and the DISCO was FUNTASTIC! I'd love to do it all again. Also thank you to all the instructors for helping us along. :) 

By Estera Pawlowska

PGL was superduper!The staff were lovely,the food was five star and the disco on Sunday was lots of fun :). I got a bit dirty but it was worth it in the end. I wish I could go back. I hope my sister will go to PGL too.

By Izabela Bociek

Residential was fantabbydosy!!  My favourite activities were zipwire, team challenge, giant swing, abseilling and quad bikeing!! The food was so delicious I would rate it at 5 star!!! Also thank you to the staff for being there to help us along... Thank you for the best weekend xxx

By Laura Batley


  1. I miss PGL soooooooooo much.:(
    I wish I could live there.xxxxxx

  2. PGL was the best time ever! Going there with everyone was amazing and wonderful.The Staff were nice and help us along.The dinners were 5 star,but the things that were awsome are all the activities were great also the PARTY was FUNTASTIC!:)

  3. I miss PGL sooo much it was a life time experience!! I wish we could go back again!!! :)
    I shared a room with Katie and Chelsea :D

  4. PGL was the best thing that ever happend to us!:)

  5. PGL was sooooo cool.The staff was nice,the food was lovley.Everything was perfect

  6. I really enjoyed residential it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had loads of fun doing all the activities especially Wobbly Bars. I hope we can all go again! Thank you Miss Caddle, Mr Walls and Mrs Crichley for taking us out on this fantastic weekend trip it was amazing!

  7. Chloe Fisher12 July, 2011

    Residential was the greatest expieriance of my life! I loved every minute of it!! If I had to pick a faviorate event it would ethier be Giant swing or Wobbly bars! :) x

  8. Ellie-bree12 July, 2011

    I loved resadential it was amazing.I had a great weeekend with all my friends!The giant swing was the one that scared me the most but it was a great experience and i wish we could do it all again!

  9. The funniest part was the water fight because we got drenched but it was so fun!!!!! :)