Monday, 25 June 2012

Enterprise Blog

Welcome to Harry and Lucy’s enterprise blog update.

At the moment we are raising money for our trip to the Merion Centre and Red Hot Buffet.

The first thing we did was do a mind map to narrow down our ideas and pick the best couple. Secondly, we picked our teams and began making a business plan. Next, we did a 'Dragon's Den' style presentation to show Mrs. Gray. Finally, we started doing our business and it is going really well. More and more children are bringing money to our stalls each day.

So far we have raised over £100 and we are hoping to achieve our £250 target.

Thank you for supporting our enterprises! From Harry and Lucy

Monday, 18 June 2012

Miss Wadsworth's Final Day and Musical Maths!

We have had a very busy few weeks in Year 6 with Miss Wadsworth's leaving party, the Diamond Jubilee and launching our Enterprise schemes but we managed to find just enough time to learn how Musical Maths works and make some games to help other people to learn it too!

Here are some photos - enjoy.

Mr. Lee

Miss Wadsworth's Leaving Party

Musical Maths Games