Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Year 6 PE - Autumn term 1

This half term we have been creating our own circuit training programmes in order to keep us fit for life. There's a world of difference between what children 'do' at school and what they actually 'learn' and, to be honest, anyone can follow a set of instructions. But what happens when it's the students themselves who are creating the activities?

We decided to split the body into three sections; lower body (legs), core (bottom, hips, stomach and lower back) and upper body (chest, arms, neck, shoulders) and then we set about devising a set of warm up movements followed by a circuit training routine. Here's what we came up with...

Building core strength by thrashing our abs - this is also key to developing our balance.

There has been a great deal of effort put into this topic, but what have we actually learned from it? Here are the skills we have put into practice throughout this half term...
·          Explore, improvise and combine movement ideas fluently and effectively.
·          Organise their own warm-up and cool-down activities.
·          Show an understanding of why it is important to warm up and cool down.
·          Know why warming up and cooling down are important.
·          Develop consistency in their skills.
·          Decide what approach to use to meet the challenge set.
·          Choose and apply skills more consistently in all activities.
·          Know and understand the basic principles of warming up, and understand why it is important for a good-quality performance.
·          Understand why exercise is good for their fitness, health and wellbeing.
·          Understand the need to prepare properly for games.
·          Choose and use information to evaluate their own and others’ work.
·          Suggest improvements in own and others’ performances and develop our work in order to improve it.


  1. well done beky from sade

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