Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Year 6 Roman Exhibition 18th December 2012

On Tuesday afternoon of week 15 Year 6 invited the entire school to see our Roman creative curriculum exhibition. We demonstrated all of our learning througout this term and invited every other class and every member of staff to see. We even had a hefty number of parents and relatives attend the afternoon which was enjoyed by all.

The entire morning was devoted to preparing for this exhibition including finishing off our Roman stories, selecting our art exhibition pieces and setting up the hall, but it was worth it.

Pupils were invited to see our Roman coliseums, read our stories, hear our reports and view our wonderful art gallery. Here's a reminder of how it all went...

Morning preparation was essential to make sure all of our work was ready to be exhibited

Parents and pupils alike were blown away by the sheer size of the art exhibition

It was great for the younger children to catch a glimpse of life in Upper Key Stage 2

I was delighted by how well the Year 6 pupils explained their work to the younger children

Everybody had the chance to exhibit work - even if it wasn't theirs...

The Roman art gallery in all its glory

Some people contributed slightly less than others to the exhibition

The younger pupils were impressed with our art work



  1. I have enjoyed the whole topic and the exhbition all wet very well!


  2. they are so cool well done you should be proud from izzy

  3. I love your roman expdishon.from grace and tayjus

  4. great work

  5. i really enjoyed this topic