Friday, 9 November 2012

Year 6 Creative Curriculum - Mini Challenge 3

As soon as we came back from our half term break it was time to get back into our Romans topic. This mini-challenge will focus on design and technology and our aim is to design, construct and evaluate a Roman gladiator arena in order to understand how people in Roman times entertained themselves.

We began by discussing the features of a Roman arena and creating questionnaires (a key geography skill!) to ask people what they would expect to see in such places.

Once we had agreed it was time to design our arenas and then follow our design plans carefully. We selected our materials, planned the steps of our work, made sure everybody had a job to do in the construction teams and then made changes when necessary...

Making careful measurements and choosing the right tools for the cutting and joining stages are all crucial skills to master when working on a large-scale design and construction project.

As in Roman times, slave labour was used by some children in order to 'get the job done' ; )

Opening out our boxes allowed us to make more realistic arena shapes - but how will the corners be constructed? 

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