Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Year 6 SAT maths revision check list

We've all got the links to the best revision sites, as well as our own revision plans for the holidays. You also have your past papers so here are just a few things to remember;

1.  Remember to go over your knowledge of converting units of measure. This should involve metres, centimetres and millimetres, litres and millilitres, grams and kilograms and minutes, hours and days.
2.  Remember to look at converting fractions, percentages and decimals – did you know that 0.7 is the same as 70% and not 7%? Did you know that 5% is the same as 1/20 and not 1/5? This is a vital basic skill!
3.  Remember your times tables – saying them out loud is the best way to remember them and they will be needed in every question you answer in one way or another!
4.  Use your past papers to guide you – whatever you didn’t get right last time is your ticket to improving so focus on that!
5.  Keep your mental skills sharp – working things out in your head quickly and accurately is the key to mental maths so talk to a friend of an adult and test each other every single day. 5 minutes is enough each day!

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