Sunday, 24 February 2013

Talk Time - Improve Your Discussion Skills

Here is a variety of topics you may like to discuss with an adult at home, a friend or anyone who wants to talk.

Talking is the most basic skill we have as human beings and it is important to be able to express yourself as an individual with their own thoughts, feelings and opinions. Respecting the views of others is a vital life skill and so is the ability to respond to what other people are saying (so not just 'waiting to talk') in order to join in with a lively and interesting conversation.

Try some of the topics below and try some of these conversation prompts in order to have a mature conversation...

I agree with you because...
My opinion is... because
I see your point, but...
Because of... I believe...

Remember - the best discussions get you thinking, not just agreeing immediately.

·      Why should people work so hard and pay taxes when other people don’t do anything and are given things for free?

·      Why should British soldiers risk their lives in Afghanistan instead of Afghanistan looking after itself?

·      How has religion both blessed and harmed the world we live in today?

·      Do we really need a royal family?

·      What is happiness?

·      What is success?

·      Does ‘class’ have anything to do with money?

·      Is it ever okay to lie to somebody?

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