Sunday, 24 February 2013

ICT; E-safety week

During spring term 1 the school undertook a large scale e-safety project.

This was designed to raise awareness of the need to stay safe online and, crucially, how to achieve this. We have discussed the theory behind e-safety and why it is so important in an era of anonymous online identities and the global multi-media entertainment world and we have found that a little common sense and the courage to stand up to bullies online as well as in person is all it takes to stay safe and enjoy the wonderful technological world we live in without worrying about people bothering you.

Year 6's digital leaders were instrumental in helping to educate other children in school on e-safety and I was also very proud of the fact that some of our senior students such as Kian and Hollie helped Mrs Warner to lead an after school safety workshop which was well-attended and very much appreciated by the parents and children who attended.

Year 6 have made some e-safety posters already this year and if you'd like to come and see the Roman-themed pieces of work then you're more than welcome to come in and have a look.

What are the golden rules of e-safety then? Here's what Year 6 thought...

1. Never give out personal information - even if you think you know someone online.
2. Facebook is for people over the age of FOURTEEN, not four!
3. Just like in school, don't stand for people bullying you or others.
4. Never EVER meet anyone in person who you've met online.
5. Remember e-safety isn't just about the internet - it can cover mobile phones and games consoles as well so always be on the look out for bullies and strangers.

Want to play some e-safety games? Click here!

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