Monday, 5 July 2010

Year 6 Had a Fantastic Time on Residential!!

Year 6 pupils went on their Residential trip to Winmarleigh Hall and had a absolutely fantastic time.  Everyone ate well, had bags of fun and slept well.  Fantastic!!

Want to find out more about where we went? Click on the links

Explore this site - See where we went! 

The activities were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at our videos and pictures

Quad Biking was fab!  A few crashes but no injuries to report....

Climbing was scarey at first because it seemed so high but once we were at the top it felt great!!  Honest...

And the giant swing - the Loud screams say it all!!

Then the kids took their revenge on the teachers and made sure that we were launched into the air!!! 
How could they!!!  Screams What Screams!!!

Then the fun came to an end and we had an eventful trip home...