Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Year 6 Creative Curriculum - Art Exhibitions

As one of our pirates mini-challenges we have revisited our art work from the autumn term.

We are still using a variety of wet and dry media but this time our inspiration is pirates. The main difference between this term and last term is the qualty of the work. Pieces are more refined and demonstrate better control of the chalks and charcoals, which shows that pupils are more capable of using what are quite delicate resources.

This term we have also drawn inspiration from some of the greatest artists of modern times. Look out for work inspired by the likes of Warhol, Kandinski, Dali and Picasso.

We will be displaying our exhibition on the morning of Wednesday March 27th so make sure you're there to see it all!

Year 6 PE - Gymnastics

This half term we have been looking at gymnastics in greater detail than you may expect.

We have discussed and defined a balance, a pose and a roll and have developed some pretty impressive skills based around these PE actions.

We have learned about muscle stress and contraction and learned a bit more about how our bodies work. Our next step is to create a routine based around pirates but so far here's what we've managed to come up with...

Balanced require core muscle strength and place stress on muscles to support the body's weight.

This balance requires a lot of effort from the core muscle group but this group made the task easier by using each other's feet to lean on.

Poses are easier (see Megan) as there is usually less stress on the leg and adbominal muscles because both feet are usually on the ground.