Monday, 11 October 2010

Year 6 Begin Planning for the Great Garden Clean up

During September Year 6 went into the garden to explore the possible wildlife that lives out there. In science we are learning about Interdependence and Adaptation - This means we are findng out about the characteristics of living things, how they are dependent on one another and how they are adapted to the environment that they live in. 

The kids search for signs of tadpole life

 Here are some exciting research sites that we have looked at to help us with our studies, BBC Wildlife Finder is really interesting with videoclips of all kinds of different animals seen in their natural habitats.

Year 6 have been thinking about how they can make our school garden more exciting.  They are currently planning to clean it up and prepare it for the winter months.  Every Monday afternoon we have a variety of activities going on one of those activities is garden clean up.  Mrs Gray takes two small groups a week and supervises the activity.  We saw Miss Wallace the other week who gave us some great ideas and plans.

This year it would be nice to have more success with the strawberry patch, the birds enjoyed it but we didn't get a look in!


  1. i think the garden is great

  2. I can't wait for changes!! :)

  3. the graden is awesome yeah

  4. Mrs Wallace22 October, 2010

    Thanks for looking after the garden while I am away.
    Enjoy yourself.
    Why don't you make some compost-look it up on the internet.

  5. I can't wait for the changes we are going make the garden will seem very different!! :) :) :)

  6. I think the garden looked great after we all pulled the weeds out and i hope it soon grows some nice flowers.